Photographs from the ground and the air revealed the devastation of the tornado Thursday that tore through Green and Rock counties.
Rock County Sheriff photo

ROCK COUNTY, WIS — Thirty-one homes were damaged and three destroyed following an EF-2 tornado that tore through northeast Rock County on Feb. 8, according to the latest assessment from Rock County Emergency Management.

  • Total Number of Residences Impacted: 31
  • Destroyed: 3
  • Major: 10
  • Minor: 11
  • Affected: 7

Following further evaluation of damage east of Evansville, the National Weather Service determined that the Evansville-Lake Koshkonong tornado had peak winds of 130 m.p.h.

This confirms the preliminary rating of EF2 that touched down just south of Evansville at 5:41 p.m.


The tornado was on the ground in Rock County, just south of Madison, for roughly 24 miles, passing just north of Edgerton and traveling north of Lake Koshkonong.

Just 30 minutes earlier, a separate tornado touched down and was on the ground for roughly eight miles, ending near Albany.

Only one person was reportedly taken to the hospital.

Electrical companies estimate 28 meters are still without power and anticipate restoring those connections over the next couple of days.

A community gathering for Rock County Residents impacted by the Evansville Tornado will be held at 6 p.m. on Feb. 15, 2024, at Evansville High School.

Rock County Emergency Management and Rock County Sheriff’s Officeremind residents to be cautious when hiring storm repair contractors.

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