Kaukauna Municipal Services Building. KCN photo.

News release

KAUKAUNA — The City of Kaukauna in Wisconsin has chosen Cloudpermit’s software for an online building permitting process.

Now, the city can provide its residents with a more user-friendly way to work on their building permits.

Cloudpermit allows all users to access their building permits from any mobile device. This makes it easier for applicants to submit applications since they can do so without needing to travel to the government office or print any forms.

Staff benefits from using Cloudpermit’s Building Permitting Software Solution since they can reduce the work they need to do at their front counter. All applications are complete upon submission, status updates are automatically sent to applicants, and all questions can be answered in an online conversation directly in the cloud-based software.

This means that users do not need to download or install any programs to access Cloudpermit. It is fully accessible via the Internet and free for residents to use.

“We are looking forward to working with the City of Kaukauna and expanding our digital reach across Wisconsin for efficient community development,” read the news release.



By staff