President Joe Biden said he won’t step down as the Democratic nominee in his race for president against Donald Trump.
President Joe Biden in Madison

MADISON — During his campaign stop Friday in Madison, President Joe Biden defended himself against mounting criticism in the media over his age and mental acuity.

And a new Bloomberg News poll shows support among swing-state voters has been unchanged since his recent debate with Donald Trump.

Biden said he won’t step down as the Democratic nominee and asked supporters to decide if they want to consider his age or his legislative accomplishments and agenda.

The poll released Saturday, July 6, 2024 shows Biden leads former President Donald Trump in Wisconsin and Michigan, cementing several months of slightly improved performance.

The latest polling comes amid growing concerns over Trump and the conservative Project 2025.

Backed by the Heritage Foundation, with close ties to Trump, the initiative seeks to remake the government by strengthening conservative influence and streamlining executive power.


The policy document has four parts: conservative policy recommendations, identifying personnel loyal to Trump, training political appointees, and a plan to implement those policies across the federal government.

Biden released a statement Saturday calling out Trump for trying to hide his connections to Project 2025.

“Project 2025 should scare every single American,” Biden said. “It would give Trump limitless power over our daily lives and let him use the presidency to enact ‘revenge’ on his enemies, ban abortion nationwide and punish women who have an abortion, and gut the checks and balances that make America the greatest democracy in the world. It’s extreme and dangerous.

“Trump’s conservative Supreme Court has already given him a blank check to do virtually whatever he wants with no regard for the rule of law. If he wins, there is no question Trump will use it to pass his Project 2025 agenda. Together, we must defeat him.”

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