UPDATE 12:10 p.m. from the Mount Horeb School District:

An initial search of the middle school has not yielded additional suspects. As importantly, their are no reports of individuals being harmed, with the exception of the alleged assailant.

Intermediate center students evacuated. There was no threat at that location. Buses are aware and preparing to escort them to the reunification site.

District officials are in the process of a systematic release of middle school students to use restrooms interior to the middle school. They are not being released at this time.


MOUNT HOREB — Mount Horeb school officials say an active shooter threat outside the middle school has been “neutralized.”

The incident began about 11:15 a.m. Wednesday. Mount Horeb is about 30 minutes west of Madison.

The shooter never entered the school, officials said.

As of noon, students remained in hard lockdown throughout all district buildings.

Law-enforcement was circulating throughout the middle school to confirm the safety of all students.

“The threat has been neutralized outside of the building,” the district posted to social media about 11:45 a.m.

Officials were urging parents to avoid coming to district schools.

Once law enforcement confirms the safety of all students, they will begin the process of reunification offsite with families.


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