APPLETON — Gov. Tony Evers today signed Senate Bill 829, now 2023 Wisconsin Act 218, which allows a tactical emergency medical services professional, who is acting in the line of duty, to carry a firearm in otherwise prohibited areas, such as fish hatcheries and wildlife refuges, and for the purposes of trespassing.

The governor was joined by local leaders, community members, and representatives from the Appleton Fire Department at a bill signing ceremony in Appleton at Fire Station No. 1.

Since 2012, the Appleton community has been a leader in working to integrate Tactical EMS into community emergency response services, and the local success of their program helped inspire the measures for Act 218.

“I’ve always said that much of the hard work happens at the local level, and that includes our first responders and EMS professionals. Our first responders and EMS professionals run towards danger without second thought, often putting their own health and safety at risk. This legislation will help ensure highly experienced folks who are trained as medical professionals can do their important, life-saving work in high-risk situations,” said Gov. Evers.

State Rep. Lee Snodgrass thanked Firefighter Adam Paiser and retired Police Lieutenant Todd Peters for their leadership and collaboration, B/C Doug Vrecheck and Mayor Woodford for their testimony, Outagamie District Attorney Mindy Tempelis for her advocacy and Rep. Tusler for his partnership in getting it over the finish line line.

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