APPLETON — Appleton police are giving a shout out to a group of trick-or-treaters who stepped up after a homeowners unattended bowl of candy was taken.

The Appleton Police shared information about the incident Saturday on social media.

It was Halloween night, and trick-or-treating had already began when police were called by a concerned homeowner. They explained that someone had stolen a bowl of candy they had left on their porch for trick-or-treaters.

As the officer gathered information from the homeowner, he noticed a group of young girls approaching the porch.

They were dressed in various costumes, and clearly trick-or-treating themselves.

Without hesitation, the girls introduced themselves to the officer and explained that they had overheard what had happened.

They had decided to pool their own candy together and offer it to the homeowner so they wouldn’t be left with nothing to pass out to other children who would come by their house.

Touched by their compassion and kindness, Officer Manuel couldn’t help but smile.

These young girls displayed a level of empathy and community spirit that was truly heartwarming. In a world that sometimes feels filled with negativity, their actions are a shining example of the goodness that still exists.

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By staff