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GREEN BAY — The NEW Zoo and Adventure Park today announced that its beloved snow leopard, Rajan, has passed away.

Rajan, 16, had been undergoing treatment for kidney disease since early February of 2022, according to a post from the zoo.

Renal disease is a common illness seen in older cats of many species, and although the disease can be managed for a time, there is no cure.

Rajan’s treatments worked well for over a year and a half, but about a week ago, zookeepers noticed some subtle changes in Rajan’s behavior, including a decrease in appetite.

A veterinary exam and tests revealed significant deterioration in his kidney function.

Rajan’s appetite and energy levels continued to decrease, and after consultation with our veterinary staff, all his caretakers, and our animal welfare specialist, the decision was made to humanely euthanize Rajan this week.

Rajan had made his home at the NEW Zoo since May of 2019.

“We will miss him greatly and ask that you extend your condolences with us, especially to those on the Zoo team who knew and loved him best,” read a post from the zoo.

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