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Other FVA teams whose season will continue include:

Neenah and possibly Fond du Lac if it wins its final regular season game against Oshkosh West.

WKOW Sports Director Karley Marotta, as well as WKOW sports team members Pablo Iglesias and Luke Gamble join WisSports.net General Manager Travis Wilson to provide analysis of the playoff brackets.

The Reveal Show will be the official release of the teams that make the field of 224, the divisional placements, and the seeded brackets for each division.

There will be no revealing of qualifiers, seeding or brackets before 10 am on Saturday, October 14th.

This means that fans and coaches do not need to stay up late into the evening/following morning on Friday to wait for playoff information.

After the completion of the Reveal Show, the WIAA will then post the information on its website.

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