File photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash

KAUKAUNA — There are several swarms of yellow jackets near the Kaukauna pool and 1000 Islands Environmental Center, and people are being cautioned to be careful.

In a post Saturday on social media, 1000 Islands is asking people to avoid the gravel path and parking stalls by the bat house south of the Sugar Shack cabin.

“The bat house has a large nest of yellow jackets inside and they are feisty! We are beginning work on the situation, but will be blocking this area off until further notice,” read the post.

People also are being asked to use extra caution on the trails and around the property because there have been numerous nests recently.

“We are doing our best to mark known areas of caution, but with so many nests this year staying on the trails will help ensure that you avoid an encounter,” they said.

But 1000 Islands isn’t the only place with reports of yellowjackets.

A post Friday in the Kaukauna Community News Facebook group noted yellow jackets also have been seen near the pool.

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