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APPLETON — Appleton police have released surveillance photos of a man they say withdrew $8,000 from someone else’s bank account in January.

Police say the suspect walked into a US Bank located at 200 N Durkee St. on Jan. 27, 2023 and completed two separate fraudulent transactions.

The victim, who resides in Illinois, has now reported the transactions and total loss of $8,000.

The suspect used the victims’ personal information on a driver’s license to complete the transactions.

The first transaction was a withdrawal of $4,000, police say.

The second transaction the suspect had a cashier’s check and was able to remove additional $4,000.

The victim also received a call from the Oshkosh Branch of US Bank about an attempted withdrawal of another $4,700 that was denied.

Anyone with information can contact Sgt. Rosetti at the Appleton Police Department and reference agency case # A23005011.



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