APPLETON — The city of Appleton’s plans to reduce the number of through lanes on busy College Avenue from four to two is receiving mixed reviews from some community members.

The plan would convert the thoroughfare to two main driving lanes, with bike lanes on each side and a shared turn lane down the middle.

City officials have put together a website detailing the project. You can READ MORE HERE.

The overall goals include:

  • Improve safety, access and mobility for all road users at a low cost by reducing the number of vehicle conflicts, reducing the number of conflicts between motor vehicles and other road users and by decreasing the number of vehicle travel lanes for pedestrians to cross.
  • Reduce aggressive speeding and vehicle speed differentials that lead to crashes.
  • Provide the opportunity to install bicycle lanes, while maintaining the current on-street parking.
  • Increase and enhance business activity by reducing traffic speeds.
  • Create a more livable and pleasant neighborhood, boost property value and the local economy.
  • Overall traffic growth and further development may prompt the use of the entire Downtown Network, fitting with the City’s Mobility Study

Comments to the city’s Facebook page highlight the diverging opinions.

“Yes, please. Anything to calm and reduce vehicular traffic on College Avenue,” read one comment, “Let’s slow things down and get people to understand College Avenue isn’t just a Greenville to Darboy highway. Quality of life will improve by going a bit slower and making things friendlier for pedestrians.”

But other residents are skeptical.

“A waste of taxpayers money,” read another comment. “It will hurt traffic and local businesses. The idea is not for the greater good for the city or its people.”

The city will be seeking bids for the $130,000 project next month, and hopes to begin working on the changeover in the spring.



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By Dan Plutchak

Dan Plutchak, born and raised in Kaukauna, is cofounder of Kaukauna Community News.