Photo by Mackenzie Weisnicht via Kaukauna Community Group

UPDATE — Milo is back home as of Friday, according to owner Mackenzie Weisnicht.

She posted on Facebook that the vet was able to get Milo’s left hip back in place. Due to the ligaments around the hip being damaged, there is a risk that it will not be able to stay in place.

He will need to wear the sling and his hip will be immobilized for a few weeks. He is unable to bare any weight on his back right leg because of the ruptured ligaments in his knee, so that leaves Milo immobile as expected. His left front paw is also very inflamed today, likely due to the trauma.



KAUKAUNA — A Kaukauna family is hoping their dog will survive after being hit by a car as an outpouring of support grows on social media.

Mackenzie Weisnicht first posted in the Kaukauna Community Facebook Group Wednesday that her dog, Milo, had been missing after sneaking out of the house while she was gone.

But on Thursday morning, Wesnicht found out the dog had been hit by a car.

She wrote in an updated post that Milo was found in a ditch on the side of Highway 55 after being hit by a vehicle. She said she was unsure of how long he was there.

Since then, followers of the group have sent their prayers and well wishes, by the hundreds.

Weisnicht said that they brought him to BluePearl Pet Hospital, where they did X-rays, and thankfully learned Milo’s injuries weren’t as bad as they originally thought.

He had ligaments torn in his knees and his left hip is out of socket but no fractures, Weisnicht wrote.

She said veterinarians will sedate him again to attempt to pop it back into socket, which could be unsuccessful due to the damage of the ligaments surrounding the hip.

His right knee is in rough shape, so he may not be able to bare weight on his right leg while his left hip is healing.

“But those who know Milo, know he isn’t an ordinary 11 year old dog,” Weisnicht wrote.

“I feel that I cannot euthanize him without knowing that we didn’t try. The vet wasn’t hopeful, but she doesn’t know our Milo and said she’s surprised by dogs everyday!”

“He may cost me an arm and a leg, but this boy has been by my side through everything and I’m not about to give up on him yet,”

Weisnicht has launched a fundraiser to cover Milo’s vet bills, and it has raised nearly $1,200 in donatations toward a $5,000 goal. Visit the GoFundMe HERE.



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By Dan Plutchak

Dan Plutchak, born and raised in Kaukauna, is cofounder of Kaukauna Community News.