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GREEN BAY — Following a Florida judge’s ruling Monday, passengers at Green Bay’s Austin Straubel Internantional Airport, and all airports across the country, will no longer be required to wear a mask.

“While the airport is a county entity, we have the ATC, FAA and TSA all working in our building, which meant we followed the federal mask mandate,” said Marketing and Communications Manager Susan Levitte.

“As of today, they are no longer mandated. We understand that there will still be individuals who wish to wear masks. We ask that everyone respect their decision,” Levitte said.

On Tuesday morning, partner airlines Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, American Airlines, Sun Country and Frontier Airlines also dropped mandatory mask wearing on their flights.

“We ask for patience with airport and airline employees as we make another pivot with the industry,” Levitte said.

On Monday, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it will no longer enforce its mask order at airports across the country following the court ruling.

As a result of a court order, effective immediately and as of April 18, 2022, CDC’s January 29, 2021 Order requiring masks on public transportation conveyances and at transportation hubs is no longer in effect. Therefore, CDC will not enforce the Order. CDC continues to recommend that people wear masks in indoor public transportation settings at this time.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Following the order, a Biden administration official said the TSA will not enforce its Security Directives and Emergency Amendment requiring mask use on public transportation and transportation hubs at this time.

That includes airports like the Austin Straubel International Airport in northeast Wisconsin, but also extends to all public transportation, according to a statement from the CDC.

The mandate originally was set to expire today, but the CDC had extended it to May 3, 2022. That rule is no longer in effect.



By Dan Plutchak

Dan Plutchak, born and raised in Kaukauna, is cofounder of Kaukauna Community News.