Front row (l to r) - Gavin Ferrier, Carter Knaack, Alex Arnoldussen, Dylan Hackel. Standing - Anna LaCount, Brooke Turriff, Delaney Ward, Ximena Delgadillo, Xander Biese, Alyssa VanDomelen

KAUKAUNA — Kaukauna High School has announced its students of the month for January, 2022.

Art: Ximena Delgadillo, Grade 10
Ximena has been graciously assisting me in translating assignments and feedback for two Spanish speaking students in the drawing class. I appreciate how much time she shares with us, while maintaining a high level of dedication to her own work. Her willingness to help her peers has not gone unnoticed.

Ms. Nicole Beck

Business: Anna LaCount, Grade 12
The Business and Information Technology department is proud to recognize Anna LaCount as their January student of the month. Anna has taken several Business and Information Technology courses over the past four years at Kaukauna High School and has excelled in all of them. Anna is always enthusiastically prepared to help a fellow classmate in need. displays confidence, an excellent attitude, outstanding communication skills, and an eagerness to learn each and every day. genuinely loves the learning process and willingly seeks out feedback at every opportunity. She is truly an outstanding student and an even better person. Anna enjoys shopping and baking in her free time. She loves playing softball and is an integral member of the State Champion Kaukauna Girls Softball team. Anna plans to study psychology and continue playing softball at Minot State University in North Dakota. We wish Anna the best of luck as she continues on her path. Anna is one of the many faces that make Kaukauna STRONG!

Mr. Rob VanderHeiden

English: Carter Knaack, Grade 11
I chose Carter Knaack for student of the month because Carter is always willing to go above and beyond to make sure he’s getting the most out of class time. He will consistently ask for help or ask for reassurance if he is questioning one of his answers, he participates in class discussions, and he is willing to support his peers if they need help. Not only this, but Carter is empathetic and caring. On more than one occasion Carter has written about his help with Special Olympics and the importance of community/school unity. Carter is a great student to be recognized.

Ms. Gina Pleshek

Family and Consumer Science: Kayla Jansen, Grade 12
Kayla Jansen has demonstrated proficiency skills in her recent project based experiences in Early Childhood Education. Kayla applied her classroom knowledge, creativity, imagination and love of children in her performances. Kayla strives to do her best in all circumstances and it has been a privilege to see her growth throughout high school.

Ms. Laurie Moseng

General Education: Xander Biese, Grade 9
Xander Biese represents what it means to be Kaukauna Strong! As a freshman, he is already modeling for others what it looks like to be focused and engaged in your work. He is always quick to help both staff and students in need whenever you can. Xander gets all his work completely and uses extra time to better himself by reading about areas of interest. Xander is always pleasant and easy to work with. He uses constructive criticism on his work to improve his academic skills. It is an absolute pleasure to have Xander in class!

Ms. Carolyn Brown

Math: Alex Arnoldussen, Grade 12
Alex comes to my FLEX almost daily to tutor kids. If one student is finished with their work, Alex is more than willing to help any other students that need help. He is very bright, kind, and helpful, and the students really appreciate his assistance. Alex does such a great job working with the students and I thoroughly enjoy having him in FLEX. I will most definitely miss him next year, as will the students!

Ms. Nettekoven

Music: Alyssa VanDomelen, Grade 12
I am honored to choose Alyssa VanDomelen as the student of the month for the music department. I have had Alyssa in choir for all four years of her time in high school. She has grown into a fantastic singer, leader, and all-around human being. Her willingness to mentor our younger singers is such a blessing to our ensembles. She is the consummate professional who always has her parts learned, asks great questions, and shares insightful reflections. I am certainly going to miss her as she heads off to college next year, but I am convinced she is going to make a mark on this world!

Ms. Joy Paffenroth

Physical Education / Health: Gavin Ferrier, Grade 9
Gavin exemplifies what it means to be a student of the month. He not only does a great job in class he is extremely helpful setting up for classes before school. Gavin has an amazing work ethic and takes pride in what he does. He would be the first person I would hire if I owned a business. Congrats Gavin!

Mr. Kevin Rykal

Science: Kaylin Carey, Grade 10
Kaylin brings a bright and creative perspective to studying physical science. She has the grit and focus to take on things that are hard for her. engages well alone and with other students. Her habits and character have fostered ‘s skills in scientific problem solving and knowledge of science concepts. Because of these things, is an asset to herself and KHS as a whole.

Mr. Nick Welhouse

Social Studies: Dylan Hackel, Grade 9
Dylan is a curious, energetic, and hardworking student. As a freshman he chose to challenge himself by taking AP Human Geography. He has risen to the challenge and works to not only understand the content, but to make connections and develop social studies skills. Dylan has an extensive knowledge of geography, history, and political patterns. He shares his ideas and asks great questions which challenge his own thinking and enhances the learning of his peers. He’s a respectful, friendly, and kind student who comes to class each day with a positive attitude and a growth mindset.

Mrs. Salena Bartel

Technology & Engineering: Brooke Turriff, Grade 10
Brooke Turriff has shown all the qualities of a great student. Although she has struggled at times with Blender in 3D Animation and Design, she has quietly done everything she could to excel in the class including coming in to get help during flex. She is a great example of what students need to do to succeed. Brooke is a hard working student who gets help when needed and helps others as well.

Mr. Otradovec

World Languages: Delaney Ward, Grade 9
I am so pleased to nominate Delaney Ward for World Language Student of the Month. Delaney participates very actively. She practices daily. She encourages others. She is polite, respectful, and enthusiastic. She has submitted every assignment on time, and the quality of her work is beautiful. She is an exemplary candidate for recognition!

Ms. Veard



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