Veteran's Memorial Bridge, Kaukauna. File photo.
Veteran's Memorial Bridge, Kaukauna. File photo.

KAUKAUNA — The Veterans Memorial Lift Bridge is expected to reopen July 2 following completion of ongoing work that was not finished during construction season last year.

A grand opening ceremony for the Veterans Memorial Lift Bridge and the five Fox River Navigational System Authority locks is scheduled for Tuesday, July 13. Additional details will be released closer to the event.

Currently crews are cleaning and applying a coating on various steel elements of the bridge. This work could not be completed last year due to low temperatures that occur in the fall. Also, the bridge deck must remain in an elevated position for this work to occur, according to a news release from the city.

Crews will be making final adjustments to the electrical and mechanical systems this week, and the bridge will remain closed during this work.

Operational testing and final span balancing will occur the week of June 28 which will involve numerous, constant cycles of opening and closing of the bridge.

The bridge should be open back to vehicular traffic on Friday, July 2 at end of business.


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By Dan Plutchak

Dan Plutchak, born and raised in Kaukauna, is cofounder of Kaukauna Community News.